LEAP 2024: Journeying Into New Worlds

authorMAZ | NEXA dateFeb 27, 2024 4:17:56 PM


LEAP 2024, often dubbed as a "Digital Davos," stands as the world's most attended tech event, beckoning enthusiasts and visionaries alike to journey into new realms of innovation. Set to take place at the Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Center in Malham, Saudi Arabia, from March 4th to 7th, 2024, this event promises a captivating exploration of the future of technology. With its impressive lineup of start-ups, expert speakers, and global tech exhibitors, LEAP 2024 aims to redefine the boundaries of technological advancement and foster collaboration on a global scale.

Unveiling the Numbers:

At LEAP 2024, attendees can expect to immerse themselves in a vibrant ecosystem boasting over 600 start-ups, 800 expert speakers, and 1,800 global tech exhibitors. The event's staggering attendance over four days surpasses 172,000, highlighting its status as a cornerstone gathering within the tech community.

A Look Back: LEAP's Success Story:

Building upon the resounding success of its previous editions, LEAP 2024 marks the third installment of this groundbreaking event. The second edition of LEAP witnessed an unprecedented turnout, with over 172,000 attendees hailing from 183 countries. As LEAP returns in 2024, it aims to once again unite the global technology ecosystem and propel it towards a future defined by innovation and progress.

Dive into DeepFest: Exploring the World of AI:

In tandem with LEAP 2024, attendees have the opportunity to delve into DeepFest, the event's dedicated AI stream. DeepFest serves as the premier meeting place for thought-leaders, change-makers, and innovators within the artificial intelligence landscape. With a focus on unveiling government AI initiatives and showcasing the latest innovations across various sectors, DeepFest offers a comprehensive program featuring thought leadership conferences, sector-specific tracks, live demos, and more.

Why Attend LEAP 2024?

LEAP 2024 beckons tech enthusiasts, start-ups, C-level executives, press and media, investors, and government representatives alike. With its diverse array of offerings, including keynote speeches, networking opportunities, and immersive experiences, LEAP 2024 promises to be an unmissable event for anyone invested in the future of technology.


As LEAP 2024 approaches, anticipation mounts for what promises to be a transformative event in the world of technology. With its ambitious agenda, esteemed speakers, and unparalleled networking opportunities, LEAP 2024 invites participants to embark on a journey of discovery, innovation, and collaboration. So, mark your calendars, and prepare to leap into new worlds.