Hilton Worldwide: Direct Booking Campaign

With the increasing popularity of Online Travel Agency (OTA) websites such as Booking.com and Expedia, hotels are facing the challenge of paying commissions on room bookings that are confirmed through these OTA channels. This has become a common practice as OTA websites act as intermediaries between the hotel and the customer, making it essential to pay a commission as a service fee. However, to reduce this dependency on OTA channels and increase direct, non-commissionable bookings, Nexa, a digital marketing agency, came up with a unique solution. They created and executed direct booking campaigns for Hilton Worldwide, which aimed to encourage customers to book their stay directly through the hotel's website, rather than going through an OTA. The objective of these campaigns was to help hotels reduce their dependence on OTA channels and avoid paying commissions, resulting in higher revenue for the hotel.


Seasonal campaign promotion for portfolio of GCC properties in 2018. Key objective was to generate website traffic at greater than average click-through rates for the industry . Campaigns were run on Facebook, Instagram, and various display and programmatic ad networks.


Target audience for each city had unique online behavior and preferences. Multiple campaigns were required to cater to each target audience. Demographic personalization was also implemented to further target each audience.


Creatives were localized to blend Hilton brand guidelines and promotions with the target audience's personality. The focus was on developing a message that resonated with the local audience while maintaining the Hilton brand identity. The creatives were designed to appeal to the target audience's preferences and interests, making them more likely to engage with the campaign.

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