Why MAZ NEXA should handle your lead generation activity

Over two decades of experience make us an industry-recognised agency sought after for lead generation strategy

For more than two decades, MAZ NEXA has provided world-class services to clients across industries, assisting a variety of local and international businesses in optimising their lead generation strategies. We possess the technical expertise, know-how and track record to show it, but our agency is not only equipped to offer the best services. We enjoy collaborations with Google Premier, Meta, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and TikTok thanks to our Partner status with these international organisations

Our global connectivity allows us to reach an international audience. Thanks to our industry standing and our approach to digital marketing, we create content that attracts, engages, and converts audiences into qualified sales leads for all of our clients. Through smart digital marketing campaigns, lead qualification tools, and sales lead qualification with intelligent prospect tracking, we focus on bringing a client's prospect as near to a closed deal as possible.

The MAZ NEXA team also believes that unifying your marketing and sales teams is an essential component for successful lead generation, and this is an integral part of our overall strategy. When sales and marketing are aligned, your company is well-prepared to nurture a lead throughout the buyer's journey with a greater possibility of closing a deal. Content creation, email marketing, social media marketing, advertising and retargeting, trials, and referrals are among the methods we employ to assist our clients in achieving this objective.

Implementing and managing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems for our clients is an integral part of our strategy. MAZ NEXA is a proud Diamond HubSpot Agency and one of the top two percent of HubSpot Partners worldwide. We employ HubSpot CRM technology to execute our lead generation strategy and grow businesses successfully. Using this technology, we are able to monitor the health and effectiveness of every facet of the client's lead-generation campaign. As a Diamond Partner, we pride ourselves on our HubSpot expertise and experience, thanks our team of specialists who hold multiple qualifications on the platform.

With MAZ NEXA’s capabilities in analysing and managing marketing and customer data, we are able to make swift, effective decisions that consistently guide campaigns in the right direction. Through our approach, your lead generation strategy will operate seamlessly. Allow us to assist you in reaching your audience, converting leads, and accelerating your growth.


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Lead Generation Services in Riyadh

Google Pay Per Click Advertising Services

Making sure that your brand is visible when prospects are searching for your products or services is vital for lead generation.
As a Premier Google Partner, NEXA has both the experience and knowhow to drive high-quality and qualified traffic to your website

Social Media Advertising Campaigns

From Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to more modern platforms such as TikTok & Snapchat, NEXA has official partnerships with every major platform to provide advertising and lead generation services for our clients

Email Marketing

As a Diamond-tiered HubSpot Partner, NEXA implements and manages personalised email marketing campaigns that targets and attracts leads, encouraging them along the buyer journey.

From initial outreach through to nurturing, email is an effective lead generation tool if properly implemented.

Mobile Application Marketing

The success of a mobile application ultimately comes from having volumes of users downloading and using it.
We will identify your target audience, create interaction and drive downloads using key messaging and targeted campaigns to facilitate this.


Landing Page Development

Landing pages play an important role in the lead generation process, especially when a prospect needs deeper education and appreciation for your brand, product or services.

NEXA has designed thousands of landing pages and this experience allows us to create high-converting pages quickly and efficiently, supercharging campaign performance.

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